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Review of Educational Institutions to Boost Performance in New Zealand


The Education Review Office is a government department responsible for evaluating and reporting to the public on schools, early childhood centers, and other forms of pre-primary education in New Zealand.

The office disseminates useful information relevant to parents, educators, managers, and others involved in schools and early childhood education as well as go government policymakers. It reviews individual schools and groups of schools, provides contract evaluation services, and evaluates nationwide education issues. The office publishes national reports that evaluate specific education issues using its inspection evidence.

The Education Review Office schedules reviews of schools and centers based on their prior performance, current risk appraisal, and the amount of time since their last review. Schools are usually reviewed every three to four years, but this can be more frequent if necessary. The office’s reports on individual schools and early childhood centers are freely available to the public and can be obtained from the individual school or center or from the Education Review Office itself. The creation of the office played an important part by providing information on the performance of every school.

Source: New Zealand Education Review Office Website (www.ero.gov.nz)

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