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Application of the Framework


The process of applying the Framework is envisioned to consist of three key steps: a) initial piloting, b) ongoing adoption and adaptation, and c) ongoing improvement of the Framework. During a piloting stage, a set of countries will test the Framework in their own systems.

This piloting needs to be systemic and comprehensive, because it is aimed at actually assessing the Framework’s ability to address systemic issues. The countries participating in the piloting are providing a global public good for use by other countries, by testing the Framework. But they will also benefit themselves, because the Framework may indeed lead them to ask certain questions that had not been asked previously, or had not been addressed in a systematic way. UNESCO has developed Piloting Guidelines as well as a Piloting and Feedback Instrument to facilitate effective piloting. Based on the feedback from the piloting, GEQAF, its Guideline and Piloting Instruments will be further refined and the Framework will be ready for adoption and adaptation. As more countries use the Framework more experience is gained in its application, improvements will be made on a regular basis. Being a web-based instrument, GEQAF is well suited for continuous refinement and sustained currency.

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