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Diagnosis and analysis


Policies and strategies for resource efficiency

1. How do our education policies and strategies promote and assure efficient use of resources? What are our indicators of resource efficiency? To what extent do we set resource efficiency targets and what mechanisms are there to monitor their achievement?

2. To what extent do we conduct cost-effectiveness of various measures before committing resources? How have we benchmarked the resource needs of various sub-sectors and programs?

3. To what extent is our resource allocation results-oriented than input-focused? What is the evidence of that? What adjustments have we made in our resource allocation to take account of the differential impact of various inputs (teachers, teaching material, management, monitoring, supervision, etc.) on learning outcomes? What is the evidence such consideration is taking place?

4. What incentives are there for managers at different levels to be efficient in their use of resources at their disposal? How is resource allocations linked to performance?

5. In our context, what are the key factors that drive resource efficiency/inefficiency? How do we know? If we know, what have we done to address them? Have the measures been effective?

Monitoring and evaluation of system efficiency

1. To what extent have we been able to provide the human, organizational and technical capacity to monitor and analyze resource efficiency in our education system?

2. Does the EMIS provide quality and up to date information on internal efficiency (repetition, drop-out, completion and retention rates)? What analysis of the data have we done to understand the underlying causes of observed internal inefficiency? What measures have we undertaken to improve the situation? Do we have evidence that the measures have been effective?

3. What is the level of external efficiency of our education system? What recent studies are available on private and social rate of returns to education? Do we know the extent of graduate unemployment? what does the evidence on rates of return to education suggest about external efficiency of education in our country?

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