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Diagnosis and analysis


Understanding and positioning learning

1. What is our understanding of learning vs education vs schooling? How is this understanding shared with critical stakeholders? Where is the evidence that it is shared? How is learning positioned in our education system? For instance does learning drive education policies, strategies, programs, other processes, organizations, financing frameworks, other resourcing, etc? Where is the evidence that learning drives our education system? How is this evidence documented and how is it monitored? Is learning how to learn an explicit outcome of our general education system? How do we support the attainment of this outcome? How do we monitor its achievement?

2. How do we characterize diverse forms of learning? What are those diverse forms in our education system? How do we ensure complementarity of those forms? How impactful is this complementarity? Where is the evidence of this impact? How do we optimize complementarity and impact?

3. How does our knowledge and understanding of learning affect other education processes such as assessment, teaching, management and governance? How does it affect key resources such as the curriculum, learning materials, teachers, physical and psychosocial environments, etc.? What is the evidence of this effect? How do we ensure currency of this effect?

Using extant research evidence to support effective learning and to innovate

1. What do we know about research evidence on learning? How do we ensure that critical stakeholders are knowledgeable of this evidence? Who are these stakeholders? How do we ensure the currency of that knowledge? How does this evidence get translated into impact? Where is the evidence of this impact? How do we optimize this impact? How do we sustain the link between research evidence and practice and vice versa?

2. What are our recent innovations in optimizing effective facilitation of learning? How do these innovations get initiated? How are they monitored and with impact documented? When impactful, how are they scaled up?

Making effective learning equitable

1. How do we ensure equity of effective learning opportunities? What are the dimensions or the factors that drive this equity? How do we monitor equity of effective learning opportunities? What do we have as direct and/or proxy evidence?

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