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Core Resources


The choice of appropriate processes of learning, teaching and assessment to achieve the desired learning outcomes would indicate the nature, type, quality and quantity of the various types of resources required to support the main purpose of the education system – Learning. The Analytical Tools under Core Resources include Learners, Curriculum, Teachers and the Teaching Environment. GEQAF puts the learner as a central element for assessing the quality of the education system. All other education inputs are usually studied but very rarely, if ever, the learner itself despite the fact that it is the learner who can make learning happen. Everything else is just to support and facilitate the major actor in education – The Learner. Therefore, the Analytical Tool on Learners is designed to facilitate an understanding of learners better so that they can be supported to learn effectively. The Tools under Core Resources help to analyse the following broad issues:

Analytical Tool on Curriculum: Development relevance of curricula; Curriculum planning, design and content; Curriculum implementation, monitoring and evaluation


Analytical Tool on Learners: Views/perspectives of learners; Knowing our learners and responding to their needs


Analytical Tool on Teachers: Entry into the teaching profession; Training of teachers; Recruitment, deployment and retention of teachers; Management of teachers


Analytical Tool on Learning environment: Policies, instruments and processes for good learning environment; The physical learning environment; The psychosocial learning environment


Analytical Tool on ICTs: Understanding ICTs from education perspective; Policy development and implementation strategies on ICTs in education; Access and utilization of ICTs in education


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