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Desired Outcomes


A fuller understanding of a country’s development aspirations and goals facilitated by the first Analytical Tools on Relevance and Equity lays a solid foundation for what the education is expected to deliver to support the aspirations of the country in the form of citizens equipped with the necessary competencies (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes) for today’s needs as well as capable of flexibly responding to tomorrow’s requirements. To address today’s and tomorrow’s requirements, the education sector must impart the necessary competencies but also nurture lifelong learners. The two Analytical Tools (on Competencies and Lifelong Learning) help countries assess if their education system is equipped to produce the right type of human resources and good citizens. The Tools help to analyse the following broad issues.

Analytical tool on Competencies: Conceptualizing learning outcomes; Ensuring learning outcomes: policies and interventions

Analytical Tool on Lifelong Learners: Integrated system for lifelong learning; Vertical integration of the education system; Horizontal integration of the education system; Enabling environments for lifelong learning


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