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Development Goals


Education policy should take a country’s vision and development goals as a starting point if it is to effectively contribute to realize the vision and contribute to the achievement of the goals. The education sector is just one actor among many in shaping the national vision and determining the country’s development goals. The GEQAF two first Analytical Tools deal with the broader (beyond the education sector) issues of development relevance and equity. As the issues are national rather than sectoral, the discussions facilitated by the two Analytical Tools require the participation of all key stakeholders including key government ministries like Finance, Development, Planning as well as major actors outside government. The Tools help to analyse the following broad issues:

Analytical Tool on Relevance: Country level relevance; Labour market and world of work responsiveness; Global level relevance; Individual level responsiveness; Internal system coherence

Analytical Tool on Equity and Inclusion: Understanding inequity and exclusion; Policies and strategies to address inequity and exclusion

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