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UNESCO-IBE puts Education at the Heart of Geneva



We reached our objective and truly brought Education to the Heart of Geneva!
On Tuesday, 9 May 2023, the International Bureau of Education of UNESCO (UNESCO-IBE) presented its work in front of a full house to an audience that counted over a dozen Ambassadors and Permanent Representations in Geneva, International Organizations, and public and private sector entities that showed a keen interest in curriculum transformation and education.

Presentations given by UNESCO-IBE experts and the Director about flagship projects sparked a particular interest. As one participant said: "The objective to make UNESCO-IBE known in the Geneva international arena was reached with honors."

Of the 16 flagship initiatives, all designed to support the UNESCO-IBE holistic and systemic vision of the curriculum to build quality and inclusive education for all, the guests were given a detailed insight into three projects:
  1. Promotion of the values of sport through their introduction in the teacher training curricula of physical and sports education;
  2. Integration of sustainable development, climate change, and water-related issues into curricula through the promotion of green and blue curricula; and
  3. Education to health, well-being, and nutrition.
All participants voiced appreciation for activities the IBE is effectively and efficiently implementing in countries, and international sports organizations, including FIFA, expressed institutional support for the initiative that aims to promote the values of sport through education.

The high-level event ended with the signing of a Partnership Agreement between UNECO-IBE and the French Association “Tous EGO par le Sport." Signatures were exchanged between UNESCO-IBE Director, Mr. Yao Ydo, and the Association President, Ms. Emilie Gomis, a renowned French athlete.  

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