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UNESCO-IBE hosts experts workshop on General History of Africa



From 7 to 9 March 2023, UNESCO-IBE will host in Geneva an UNESCO experts' workshop on the development of General History of Africa curriculum modules.

This workshop, organized by the International Bureau for Education (UNESCO-IBE) and the UNESCO Education Sector, in collaboration with the UNESCO Sectors for Priority Africa and External Relations and for Social and Human Sciences, is aimed at facilitating the integration of the GHA into national curricula, notably by initiating the process of the development of a set of GHA pedagogical modules into UNESCO-IBE’s Curriculum Resource Pack (CRP). The CRP draws on experience and technical knowledge that spans regions and sectors, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices between countries and offering a uniquely global, cross-cutting view of critical and candent curriculum and learning issues and trends.

The workshop has the following key objectives:
1. Present an overview of the UNESCO Operational Strategy for Priority Africa and Flagship
Programme 2 on the General History of Africa (GHA).
2. Present and analyse the conceptual underpinnings and key ideas of IBE’s Curriculum Resource
Pack and agree on curriculum vision, principles, approaches, strategies and practices to inform
the development of a set of GHA pedagogical modules.
3. Present the current state of integration of GHA in African education systems and other
countries, and share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned.
4. Make an inventory of existing tools and educational materials supporting the integration of
GHA into education curricula in Africa and beyond.
5. Agree on a conceptual framework and a timebound roadmap for developing the GHA
pedagogical modules to be included in UNESCO-IBE’s Curriculum Resource Pack (CRP).

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