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Webinar: Improving inclusion of children living with a rare disease through curriculum transformation



UNESCO-IBE is inviting you to join the webinar on "Improving inclusion of children living with a rare disease through curriculum transformation", co-organised with the Agrenska Foundation and Rare Diseases International and taking place on 28 November 2022 2:00-4:00 PM - Geneva time - (UTC+1).

  • H. E. Irène Esambo Diata - Minister Delegate to the Minister of Social Affairs, in charge of people living with a disability and other vulnerable people, DRC
  • Yao Ydo - Director, UNESCO-IBE
  • Anders Olauson - Founder and Chairman of Agrenska Foundation 
  • Flaminia Macchia - Executive Director of Rare Diseases International (RDI)  
  • Florence Migeon - UNESCO, Programme Specialist, Inclusive Education Expert
  • Gunilla Jaeger - Psychologist, Ågrenska Foundation
  • Renato Opertti – Senior Expert, UNESCO-IBE
  • Carlos David Peña Aragon - Head of Social Networks, Federación Mexicana de Enfermedades       Raras (FEMEXER), lives Gaucher disease (Mexico)  
  • Eda Selebatso - Founder of Botswana Organization For Rare Diseases (BORDIS) - Mother of two children living with different rare diseases (Botswana)  
  • Mark Rogers - Parent of a young adult living with DiGeorge Syndrome (New Zealand)
  • Nikita Van Dijk - University student and patient advocate living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (New Zealand)  
  • Robin Yoon - M.D. Candidate, Georgetown University School of Medicine (USA)  
  • Sook Yee Yap and Jaden Lim - We Care, Journey - mother and son, Jaden lives with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Pituitary Microadenoma (15), and his brother lives with SMA Type One (Malaysia)  
To join us and attend the webinar, register here.