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Thematic consultation on ECCE curriculum

Preparing for the World Conference
UNESCO-IBE was designated to coordinate and lead the Global Thematic Consultation on the ECCE curriculum. In this regard, two webinars, one for the Asia Pacific Region and a second for the Arab States, were organized in September under the title “Forward and Transformative looking on ECCE Curriculum with a lifelong learning perspective.” The first webinar was organized with the support of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education. In contrast, the second was a joint initiative with the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States. These thematic consultations on ECCE Curriculum aimed to reaffirm the critical importance of quality education and lifelong learning from the very early years and to accelerate the achievement of SDG 4.2 and other-related SDGs by:

1. It is stimulating a renewed way of mainstreaming some of the critical and urgent issues in the processes of curriculum transformation undertaken in ECCE;

2. Promoting innovative and evidence-based avenues of work and reflection on issues related to the complex task of improving the relevance and effectiveness of curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment processes and outcomes; and

3. We are integrating early childhood education curriculum in an efficient and relevant manner into the overall education system while supporting the quality transition to upper levels by considering the learning continuum.

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