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Analyzing the quality of teacher training programmes


Through UNESCO TTISSA’s “Methodological Guide for the Analysis of Teacher Issues, the impact of Benin’s different teacher training institutions on student teachers’ achievement was assessed. Students take entry tests and final examinations, which made it possible to analyze the impact of teacher training institutions. This showed that public Teacher Training Institutions appear similarly effective in producing trainees that are successful in the final examination, in contrast with the huge variety in teacher training institutions’ effectiveness in Uganda.

Such analysis of the respective effectiveness of different teacher training institutions and programmes can usefully complement analysis of the effectiveness of teacher training on students’ achievement. The latter may not differentiate between teacher training of similar lengths but varying contents, hence averaging the impact of all teacher training programmes in the country. A detailed analysis of current training programmes through results on final examinations can therefore provide an interesting complement to that analysis. (UNESCO, January 2010)

See: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0019/001901/190129e.pdf

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