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Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have opened up endless possibilities of access to information and knowledge, and have become a powerful tool in the hands of learners and educators around the world.

Appropriate and effective application of state-of-the-art ICTs can bring a lot of benefits to education related practically to all fields of learning and teaching activities including efficient social interaction between teachers, students and parents, as well as to the administration and management procedures having a positive impact on the quality of education on the whole.

Both learning and teaching are qualitatively different with regard to the use of advanced ICTs. The education process becomes significantly richer when students have access to new types of information and knowledge, and when they can complete experiments and manipulate virtual labs in ways never before possible, as well as share their learning experience, results and conclusions through social media with their classmates, their teachers, and other students practically around the world.

This Analytical Tool has been developed to support the analysis and determine the potential of ICTs in general education for raising the quality and equity of general education and for promoting access to education for all.

The paramount question which this Analytical Tool aims to address is: Does the country have relevant vision and adequate implementation mechanisms to raise the quality, equity and accessibility of general education by means of ICTs?

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