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Core Processes


Once the desired outcomes in terms of competencies and lifelong learning are clearly defined and operationalized the next question must be what kind of education process must be put in place to achieve the desired outcomes. The GEQAF sets the discussion of education processes first and then the resources required (inputs) because the choice of process will determine what kind of inputs and in what proportions would be required to achieve the goals set for education. All experience shows that the focus on inputs and less regard for what is happening in the class rooms has been detrimental for learning outcomes. Therefore the Analytical Tools and core processes deal with the key processes, Learning, Teaching and Assessment. The order indicating the centrality of Learning and that all other processes are just facilitators of learning. The Tools help to analyse the following broad issues.

Analytical Tool on Learning: Understanding and positioning learning; Using evidence to support effective learning and to innovate; Making effective learning equitable

Analytical Tool on Teaching: Understanding an effective teaching process; Equity and effectiveness of teaching; Monitoring and supporting teaching; Conditions for teaching

Analytical Tool on Assessment: Assessment policies, frameworks and methods; Implementation of assessment; Utilization of assessment results

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