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Discipline-based curriculum

A model of curriculum in which content is divided into separate and distinct subjects or disciplines, such as language, science, mathematics, and social studies. The term ‘discipline-based’ or ‘subject-based’ covers the full range of distinct subjects or fields of study, both the more traditional such as mathematics or physics and the newer areas of study, such as media education. Learners must have frequent and recurring opportunities to practice their disciplinary skills throughout their fields of study in a way that allows later courses to build on the work of earlier ones. The instructional emphasis of discipline-based curriculum tends to be on specific, current, and factual information and skills as it emerges from the discipline experts. A discipline-based curriculum approach characterises teaching practice within one subject and encourages teachers for specialization, depth of content knowledge, and integrity to the conventions of their discipline. (Adapted from: Kridel 2010).

See also ‘Subject/subject area’.

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