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IBE to participate at Oslo Summit on Education for Development

Leaders from all over the world will meet in Oslo on 6–7 July to garner support for a joint effort to promote education in countries affected by conflict, crisis and poverty. The Oslo Summit on Education for Development is organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and around 400 key actors, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, are expected to join the summit.

On behalf of IBE Director, Renato Opertti, IBE programme specialist, will participate in the Oslo Summit on Education for Development to rally and activate the IBE’s efforts to reposition and reconceptualize the curricula within the global development agenda.

The Summit aims at mobilizing strong and renewed political commitment to reach the 58 million children who are still being denied their right to education, and to improve learning outcomes for those who attend school. As we approach the deadline for the Millennium Development Goal s (MDGs ) and the adoption of the post - 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, innovative partnerships and results - oriented, well -coordinated development aid is crucial.

To address these challenges, the Oslo Summit will bring together partner and donor countries, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector, foundations and academia. The Summit will bring forward success stories and best practices that can be taken to scale by bringing in new partners and mobilizing funding, as well as highlighting bottlenecks and how they may be overcome.

It will build on the outcomes of the WEF 2015, and provide input to the third International Conference on Financing for Development in Ethiopia in July, as well as the subsequent UN high-level meeting in September, where the SDGs will be adopted.


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