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Teacher training and curriculum reform in the South Caucasus region

Regional Seminar Report on Quality Education for All: Teacher Training and Curriculum Reform in the South Caucasus Region, from Vision to Practice; Tbilisi; Georgia; 26-28 June 2003.

The seminar ‘Quality Education for All: Teacher Training and Curriculum Reform in the South Caucasus Region—from vision to practice’, (Tbilisi, Georgia,  26 - 28 June 2003) included more than thirty participants—educational experts representing Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, invited guest-speakers from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, and representatives from  UNESCO offices in Moscow and Paris and the International Bureau of Education.

Initially designed as an expert meeting to share and discuss the specifics of educational reforms in the region, the seminar also provided an excellent opportunity to broaden its role as a catalyst for social change and a forum for diplomacy in the region, fostering both dialogue and mutual understanding between nations. UNESCO’s Education for All Programme provided an important framework for this task by facilitating the process of coordinating educational reforms and stimulating the creation of a regional network of teacher-training universities with shared goals and objectives known as ‘Prometheus’. This organization includes national ministries of education, leading teacher-training universities and institutes from the region, and UNESCO. Such an association appeared to be perfectly positioned to undertake an initiative in the public interest in developing and implementing new educational approaches, and also by influencing educational policy-making processes in each country.

  • Themes - Educational methodologies; curriculum design and reform; Teacher education
  • Organizers / Partners - IBE; UNESCO; Network of Pedagogical Universities in the South Caucasus (Prometheus) and the International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management (IIEPM)
  • Participating countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia