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Symposium on Teacher Education for Inclusion



Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-20 October 2009 As a follow-up activity to the 48th ICE, this cross national symposium focused on teacher education and development for the effective implementation of inclusive education. The symposium used the ICE Conclusions and Recommendations on this topic as the basis for discussion. Some of the questions that were explored included:

  • What are the implications of the UNESCO recommendations for those who prepare teachers? 
  • What does it mean to ‘train teachers by equipping them with the appropriate skills and materials to teach diverse student populations’?
  • Are there common meanings that transcend the boundaries of nation states, and the strictures of the rich and poor?

Colleagues with expertise in inclusive education and/or teacher education addressed aspects of the six ICE recommendations specific to teacher education and served to stimulate discussions about how to take ideas and put them into practice. The Symposium was organised by the School of Education of the University of Aberdeen.
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