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Strengthening STEM education in Kenya

Mainstreaming Gender Sensitive STEM education in the curriculum reform process within Kenya Vision 2030.
The IBE supports policy dialogue and capacity development activities to mainstream gender-sensitive STEM in the curriculum and instructional materials in Kenya, within the framework of Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Programme “Strengthening STEM Curricula for Girls in Africa and Asia and the Pacific-Phase I” funded by Malaysia Funds-in-Trust.

During Phase I, the project seeks to strengthen STEM policies, curricula and pedagogy as well as teacher education and professional development in four beneficiary countries: Nigeria and Kenya in Africa; the Kingdom of Cambodia and Indonesia in Asia and the Pacific, in order to strengthening STEM female participation. Accordingly, a workshop “Strengthening STEM education and curricula for girls” is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya (30-31 May and 2 June 2016) to foster policy dialogue on the relevance of mainstreaming gender-sensitive education within the current curriculum reform process initiated by the Ministry of Education of Kenya. The workshop also aims to strengthen the capacities of diverse stakeholders to mainstream gender-sensitive STEM education in the curricula including the syllabus and the instructional materials.

The workshop aims at:
  • Forging a cross-sectorial policy dialogue specifically addressed to stakeholders involved in the ongoing curriculum reform;
  • Sharing the Malaysian expertise in mainstreaming gender-sensitive STEM education in the curriculum reform development process; and
  • Developing a series of strategies for strengthening gender-sensitive STEM education in the syllabus and the instructional materials.

The IBE promotes south-south cooperation and the sharing of expertise and practices. Learn more by reading the third in-progress reflection on girls in STEM: “Sharing Malaysian Experience in Participation of Girls in STEM Education”.