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Strengthening pre-service teacher education in Myanmar

Developing the new Education College curriculum for a 4-year degree

A Curriculum Development Training workshop is organized at the University of Yangon in Myanmar, from June 19 to June 25 2017, by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Myanmar, with the support of the UNESCO ‘Strengthening Pre-Service Teacher Education in Myanmar’ Project and the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO).
The overall objective of the ongoing project is to develop new curriculum components for 25 national Teacher Education Colleges (ECs) to support ECs educators.
Project background
The Government of Myanmar recognises that teacher empowerment is essential for quality education and positive learning outcomes. In addition, the current curriculum used in Myanmar’s education colleges has not been comprehensively updated since 1998 and is outdated in terms of content and delivery. .
Through this pre-service teacher education project, UNESCO is supporting the Ministry of Education in developing curriculum for the new ECs degree. This work began in 2015-2016 with a review of the current curriculum used in ECs and the development of a Curriculum Framework for a competency-based curriculum for a 4-year degree programme, in line with modern international standards, with primary and middle school teacher specialisation tracks.
IBE-UNESCO supporting the development of the new Education College curriculum
An agreement has been established for IBE-UNESCO to provide technical assistance in this project in 2017, entailing:
  1. Three tailored training workshops for the national Curriculum Core Team (CCT) in curriculum development skills, competency-based approach and related areas;
  2. Online review of new curricula, including teacher education framework, syllabi, textbooks and teacher guides.
This will be the first training workshop in curriculum development skills, which will be led by trainers from IBE-UNESCO. The workshop will provide 70 CCT members with a shared understanding of curriculum development approaches globally, in particular competency-based approach and its application.
To learn more about this project, please contact:
Mr. Renato Opertti, Senior Programme Manager
Ms. Lili Ji, Assistant Programme Specialist
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