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Sixth International Workshop: "Curriculum Innovation for Learning to Live Together: Integrating Peace Education and Poverty Alleviation"

Kigali, Rwanda, 13 - 17 October 2008 The objective of the 6th seminar is to launch the new phase of the project “Curriculum innovations, peace education and poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa” and share the outcomes of the GTZ and IBE study “Preparation for life and work”.
Based on the analysis of the study, the first two days will be devoted to setting up the conceptual framework for integrating peace education and poverty alleviation under the broader concept of “learning to live together”.
The last three days are devoted to taking stock of the outcomes of the previous project phases (2004-2008) and the cooperative planning (conceptual and methodological aspects) of activities in 2009.
Special emphasis will be put on exploring ways of enhancing the presence and impact of peace education in African developing countries.
The seminar is jointly organized by the ministry of education of Rwanda, GTZ and IBE, and is attended by 15 country teams and other partners.