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International GigaPan Training Workshop

The GigaPan Team will host a three day training workshop, June 22nd-24th, in Pittsburgh, USA, for teachers and students from the participating schools.  Some 30 students and teachers from South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Indonesia and Brazil will join their counterparts in Pittsburgh for three days of collaboration and training with the GigaPan team.  Participants will be introduced to the GigaPan Project and its goals before sharing school presentations.  They will also discuss class project proposals, use of the interactive website and how the project can best be implemented in the schools respective curricula.  Finally, teachers and students will be further trained in using the GigaPan, some of its advanced features and its accompanying software.  It is hoped that this workshop will strengthen ties between the schools to increase communication and collaboration as well as familiarize the participants with all aspects of the GigaPan project and its technology. The workshop should also serve to improve the dialogue and coordination between schools, therefore improving not only the quality of the project but also strengthen the ties between the schools internationally.