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Inclusive Education: A Way to Promote Social Cohesion



Madrid, Spain, 11-12 March 2010 Relating to 2010 as the European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion, this international conference brings to light inclusive education (IE) as one of the main factors to promote social cohesion, progress and essential social structure. The IBE will bring its expertise on the International overview of IE through Round Table participation. The conference’s main objectives are to develop knowledge and understanding of IE as one of the main factors for social cohesion and inclusion, as well as to discuss the trends and challenges in policy which supports IE for students with special needs. The conference will encourage good practices, experiences and working models exchanges in special needs education in secondary, vocational and higher education across Europe and Latin America. It will also contribute to development and cooperation among EU and Latin American countries on policy and practice and elaborate a document that could be presented to European and national institutions. Organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education in accordance with their 2010 Presidency of the European Union, this conference will be attended by members of the European Commission and Parliament, policy makers for special needs in Ministries of Education, civil societies, disability and education institutions, unions and committees, alongside relevant associations. For more information: