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IBE film: HIV and AIDS education, interactive pedagogical approaches (in French)



This film presents examples of pedagogical interactions on issues related to HIV and AIDS education. The International Bureau of Education (IBE) developed the film for teachers, teacher trainers, future teachers and programme developers. The film can also be interesting for other professionals working in education. Ideally, teachers could visit other schools to see practical teaching situations. As it is not possible on a large scale for technical or financial reasons, this documentary gives an easy access to concrete examples.
The situations illustrate concretely how teachers address HIV and AIDS education in the classroom through different lessons. The DVD is composed of 7 modules showing real teaching situations in relation with HIV and AIDS education. The sequences have been shot in classrooms of Cameroon with learners aged between 6 and 17 years old. The situations are particularly adapted to the African context but will also be useful in other cultural environments.
Parents also speak to reflect the worries of the community. An interview of Mrs Haman Adama, Ministry of Basic Education of Cameroon from 2004 to 2009, gives the official position and underlines the importance of integrating HIV and AIDS education in official curricula.