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IBE’s new curriculum tool piloted through the Basic Education in Africa Programme in Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 29 June -10 July 2009 As a Training Tool for Curriculum Development, the IBE draft Resource Pack was pilot-tested through a 10-day sub-regional capacity building workshop for curriculum developers and teacher trainers, held from 29 June to 10 July 2009 in Dar es Salaam. During the workshop, participants stressed and considered the issues that they share with case study countries in the Resource Pack, including:

  • Curriculum and teaching influenced by entrance examinations
  • Persistence of prescriptive and teacher-centred curriculum
  • Actors’ resistance vis-à-vis reforms.

It was largely found that the Resource Pack was well designed and user-friendly. As a tool (using ICT) for education/curriculum officers and specialists, it is considered to well suit the need for capacity development in African countries. The capacity development activity provided workshop participants with a solid basis and a comprehensive overview of curriculum processes, which would equip them with a new way of thinking, deeper insights and more confidence in their responsibilities. For example, exercises such as “System cards” tuned out to be very useful: the different ways of arranging cards reflect both mindsets (institution-centred) and ideals (student-centred) with regard to the structure of the education system, as well as the role that various actors should play. The holistic approach of the Resource Pack was seen to be unique. The pilot experience allowed in particular for:

  1. Capacity development on curriculum change for curriculum developers and teacher trainers from the countries that have been sensitized on BEAP;
  2. In-depth utilisation of each module of the Resource Pack, including concept papers, activities and case studies on current global trends and practices in curriculum change;
  3. Exchange and comparison of curriculum reform experiences and challenges among participating countries;
  4. Considering the quality and further utilization of the Resource Pack, its adaptation to the African context, as well as the development of new modules;
  5. Through the observation of the pilot activity, considering the improvement of training programme and modalities based on the Resource Pack.

The workshop gathered ministerial representatives, curriculum developers and teacher trainers from 8 countries that have been sensitized on BEAP (Tanzania including Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Gambia, Seychelles, Uganda, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire), as well as representatives from IBE, BREDA, UNESCO Dar es Salaam and IICBA. For more information:

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