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"GigaPan Dialogues: Diversity and Inclusion in the Community" in Mali

Children having a meal together


The generous support given by Swiss private donors has permitted Mali to join the "GigaPan Dialogues: Diversity and Inclusion in the Community" project and has also contributed to capacity development in new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the country. The project aim is not only to bring people from different continents closer together by promoting understanding and exchanges between cultures, but also to contribute to close the gap of the digital divide. The opportunity is given to adolescents from countries often geographically and culturally very far apart, to live an experience of sharing and to develop knowledge and understanding via the GigaPan photos taken and shared on a common platform. During a seminar in November 2010, co-organized by the International Bureau of Education (IBE) and the University of Carnegie Mellon (CMU) in Pittsburgh, USA, fifty participants were trained on the GigaPan technology. Among them were teachers and curriculum development specialists from the Ministries of Education from South Africa, Brazil, USA, Finland, Indonesia, Mali, Switzerland and Trinidad and Tobago. The students benefiting from this project in Mali (Bamako) are starting their GigaPan conversations with students in Switzerland (Grandson) and in USA (Pittsburgh) through a pedagogical project, jointly entitled "Do like you would at home!" Via the means of GigaPan photographs of everyday life, this project focuses on the particularities and the cultural richness of each environment.

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