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Developing Inclusive Schools: IBE and Gulf Arab States Educational Research Center (GASERC) Project

The first steering group meeting of the inclusive school project, jointly launched by the GASERC and the IBE, took place in early March 2012 in Manama, Bahrain. This project aims to develop an Arab Toolkit for inclusive school development and will identify and disseminate lessons from outstanding practices in different regions of the world to provide policymakers, schools, teachers, and other stakeholders with concrete evidence and relevant examples of inclusive education. The objectives of the meeting, attended by IBE and GASERC experts and two high-level consultants, were to: (i) discuss the overall project objectives and action plan; (ii) discuss the first draft of a conceptual framework on inclusive education; (iii) agree upon the criteria and parameters for gathering, systematizing and analyzing outstanding inclusive education practices from different regions; (iv) identify relevant networks for the study; and (v) discuss and agree on a draft outline of the Arab Toolkit for inclusive school development. More information