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Developing and implementing inclusive curricula tools in the Arab region



Beirut, Lebanon, 26-28 May 2010 “Creating Tools for Inclusive Education in the Arab States”, an expert meeting organized by UNESCO Beirut in collaboration with UNESCO-IBE is held in Beirut from 26 to 28 May 2010. This meeting builds upon existing tools and capacities for encouraging efforts and mobilizing resources for inclusive education. Firstly, international and regional experts share experiences about the design, organisation and production of practical tools for inclusive education and inclusive curricula, to support decision-makers and practitioners in making education more inclusive. Based on these discussions, a common conceptual and methodological framework on inclusive education and inclusive curricula will be presented and agreed upon as the foundation for the elaboration of diverse tools and instruments across all the UNESCO regional activities (useful for all UNESCO regional activities). Secondly, the meeting will begin the planning process for developing and validating such a tool or set of tools to develop and implement inclusive educational policies and curricula in the Arab region. The tools will aim to be used at local levels by practitioners, administrators, planners and curriculum and policy developers. This meeting is situated within a broader context of capacity development for Inclusive Education in the Arab States. Preparatory meetings for the 48th ICE (Geneva 2008) which focussed on Inclusive Education were held in the United Arab Emirates in 2007 and in Lebanon in 2008. Furthermore, in 2009 in cooperation with IBE, UNESCO Beirut held a regional ICE follow-up workshop on Inclusive Education in the classroom and the necessary implications for policy-making in Lebanon. For more information: