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A Broadened Concept of Inclusive Education in the Arab Region



Beirut, Lebanon, 13-15 July 2009 As part of the follow-up of the 48th International Conference on Education (November, 2008), a major regional activity focusing on inclusive education will be taking place in Beirut on the 13-15 July 2009.  The workshop entitled “A Broadened Concept of Inclusive Education: Inclusive Classroom-based Practices and Implications for Policy Making” has been jointly organized by UNESCO-IBE and the UNESCO Beirut office.  The workshop will be attended by educational policy-makers and specialists from a range of educational settings, representing 15 Arab countries. Building upon the consensus of the 48th ICE outcomes within the Arab region, the workshop aims to stimulate the exchange and discussion of current regional practices, and illustrate applied methods of how to make schools more inclusive.  Participants will then examine the policy-level implications of inclusive education, with a view to establishing Arab regional guidelines on implementing inclusive education, for policy makers, curriculum developers, teacher education institutes, and legislators.   For more information: