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Angola: Workshop to develop “National Guidelines” for mainstreaming cross-cutting issues



Luanda, Angola, 3-6 August 2010

In the context of the UNESCO Capacity Development for Education For All (CapEFA) programme for Angola, an IBE team carried out a four-day workshop to develop National Guidelines with regard to the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues in the curriculum of schools and teacher training institutions. The participants focused especially on cross-cutting issues such as Peace and Human Rights Education; HIV and AIDS; Environmental Education; Gender Equality; Culture/Intercultural understanding; and Entrepreneurship. The National Guidelines, while taking stock of existing initiatives and achievements, are addressing the gaps in the Angolan education system with a view to pulling together resources and methodologies for capacity development of curriculum developers and teacher trainers. Given the importance of cross-cutting issues for sustaining preparation for life and work, it is expected that the National Guidelines (developed in both Portuguese and English) will constitute an important leverage for enhancing, through competency development, the quality of education for all in Angola, while serving also as an example of good practice for other countries.   The workshop was organized by UNESCO-IBE in cooperation with the Angolan Ministry of Education and UNESCO Windhoek Office. It was attended by more than 25 education specialists involved in national curriculum development and teacher training programmes.
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