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3-7 July: The IBE will be engaged in a series of activities in Kenya



The IBE will be taking part in a set of different activities in Nairobi, Kenya within the framework of its two main areas of work: providing technical assistance to Member States and working around current and critical issues in curriculum, learning and assessment.

As far as the technical assistance is concerned, the longstanding cooperation between the IBE, UNESCO Nairobi Office, the Ministry of Education of Kenya and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is undergoing in relation to the competency-based curriculum reform happening in the country. Following a series of training carried out between 2015-2017 on competency-based approaches, development of instructional materials, preparation of teacher trainers, and Monitoring and Evaluation for the curriculum reform, the IBE will now be advising the KICD’s research team in their midterm evaluation of the new curriculum pilot in the field.

The IBE will also be participating in the regional technical Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)- Global Citizenship Education (GCED) workshop, “Transforming and Sustaining our World Through Learning,” co-organized by the Regional Office for Eastern Africa, UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development and the Government of Japan. On the third day of the event, the IBE will be coordinating the curriculum sessions on, “Harmonization of Curriculum and Integration of ESD and GCED”. Particularly, the IBE will present the new approaches employed by the Institute in its more recent projects to address some of the challenges and issues related to GCED implementation.

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