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E-assessment/ICT-based assessment

Assessment involving the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). ICT can be used (a) to deliver traditional assessment formats more effectively and efficiently, and (b) to change the way competences are assessed and develop formats that facilitate the assessment of competences that have been difficult to capture with traditional assessment formats. ICT can be used to develop tests such as computer-based tests (often a digital version of the traditional paper-based tests), computer adaptive tests (e.g. able to change their form in response to the input from the learner being tested), and test-creation applications. ICT-based assessments may also incorporate simulation, interactivity and constructed response formats. Sophisticated ICT programmes that score open-ended performances, measure learners’ reasoning processes, examine how learners go about thinking through problems and even provide feedback to learners have been developed in some settings, predominantly in the United States. (Adapted from: OECD 2013).

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