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There are aspects of the education system which are system-wide issues and not only confined to a particular area of education delivery but cut across and affect all aspects of the system. These system-wide issues include financing, governance and efficiency of the education system. Therefore, whatever aspect of education is discussed consideration of financing, governance and efficiency aspects need to be part of the discussion. In this sense these three issues are mainstreaming issues. At the same time they are a complex system on their own and also deserve an in-depth analysis in a systemic and structured way. That is why GEQAF includes separate Analytical Tools on education financing, governance and system efficiency. The analytical Tools will help analyse the following broad issues:

Analytical Tool on Governance: Governance at the institutional level; Governance at the intermediate level; Governance at the national level; Monitoring and evaluation


Analytical Tool on Financing: Adequacy of funding; Allocation of expenditures; Distribution of education finance; Utilization of financial resources


Analytical Tool on System efficiency: Policies and strategies for resource efficiency; Monitoring and evaluation of system efficiency  


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