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Diagnosis and analysis


Entry into the teaching profession

1. Who is attracted to the teaching profession and why? Do we have data on the profile of those applying for teacher/educator training? (See: Examples of countries which managed to attract the best students to the profession)

2. How well do our criteria for selection into training of teacher/ educator (e.g. minimum qualification, attitudes and values, motivation) and selection modalities (e.g. exam, interview) reflect the type of teachers/educators we want to train?

Training of teachers/educators

1. What is the profile of the trainers of teachers/educators? How are they trained, recruited, remunerated? Does the financing of training institutions reflect the central role teacher/educator training plays for quality education?

2. How well does teacher/educator assessment reflect the competencies expected of new teachers/educators? Is practical training assessed? What are the modalities of assessment?

3. Has the efficiency of our teacher/educator training programs in imparting teachers/educators with the expected knowledge and skills been analyzed? Is there any analysis of the impact of trained teachers/educators on learners’ achievements? (See: Analyzing the quality of teacher training programmes)

4. How has in-service and CPD program been effective in raising the quality standard of our teachers/educators? Do we have evidence of that? (See: Examples of enhancing the effectiveness of in-service teacher training)

Recruitment, deployment and retention of teachers

1. What mechanisms are in place to attract and retain the best qualified people to teaching? Have they been effective? What is the extent of teacher/educator attrition in our country? Why did these teachers/educators leave?

2. Are there mechanisms in place for the best teachers/educators to be recognized and rewarded for their teaching?

3. Are qualified teachers/educators deployed equitably throughout all educational levels, educational settings and in line with curriculum requirements? What are the mechanisms in place to ensure that teacher/educator deployment is equitable and the mechanisms are applied consistently?

Management of teachers/educators

1. What mechanisms are in place to support teachers/educators at all moments of their career? Do they foster a feeling of motivation and promote increased performance of teachers?

2. What forms of supervision and performance evaluation are in place and how effective have they been?

3. To what extent do teachers/educators participate in planning and decision-making at all levels of the educational system (See: Participation of teachers / educators in policy and decision-making)

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