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Resources and student achievement


After reviewing the evidence on the relationship between resources and student performance Hanushek concludes that In the US, “both aggregate data about performance of schools over time and more detailed school and classroom data point to a simple conclusion: There is a lack of any consistent or systematic effect of resources on student achievement”. Even in a cross country comparison of other developed countries he finds that “performance bears little relationship to the patterns of expenditure across the countries”. Hanushek however, cautions against any conclusion that these findings imply that resources do not matter. The importance of resources may vary with the level of resources. “Nonetheless, the evidence does not indicate that pure resource policies can be expected to have a significant effect on student outcomes. Hanushek concludes: “A wide range of analyses indicate that overall resource policies have not led to discernible improvements in student performance”.

Reference: Economic outcome and school quality, Erik Hanushek, IIEP Education Policy Series No. 4, 2005

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