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UNESCO'S IBE supports quality education in Angola through curriculum transformation



The UNESCO International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) organised a working mission to Luanda on july 7th 2022 to meet with Angolan Education Stakeholders within the agenda of facilitating the improvement of quality education through curriculum reforms. This activity was conducted as a follow up of the MoU signed in may 2022 between the UNESCO-IBE and Angola within the Framework of curriculum review and institutional and technical capacity development.
Led by IBE Senior Expert, Ms Alama, the UNESCO-IBE delegation met with Angola’s Ministry of Education staff and the vice president of IBE’s Board, M Aldo Sambo to discuss the collaborative implementation programme.  More specifically, the meeting enabled the official validation of the components of the Angolan Ministry of Education-UNESCO-IBE cooperation programme and the holding of several working sessions with teams from different directorates to define collaboratively the activities to be implemented in order to achieve the officially validated results.
 Through this initiative, UNESCO-IBE’s support falls in line with priority actions identified by the 2018-2022 NDP. This includes adapting the curricula of all levels of education and all sub-sectors to the country's development needs, ensuring the provision of adequate curriculum reform teaching material, reforming the sub-sector of initial and in-service teacher training to meet the requirements of the reformed curricula. This equally includes strengthening the professional skills of trainers, teachers and supervisory staff working at different levels of the system and bolstering the motivation of teachers and supervisory staff to transform their practices in order to improve education in Angola.
The Angolan Government and the UNESCO-IBE have through the years, developed a strong collaboration partnership. This has been recently highlighted through its hosting of the Regional Launch of UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) Medium Term Strategy 2022-2025 and Joint Fundraising for improving education quality through curriculum transformation in Angola in May 06, 2022, in Luanda, Angola.