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Workshop to develop the Iraqi Curriculum Framework and prepare the establishment of the Iraqi National Curriculum Centre



Doha, Qatar, 12-16 March 2011 Capitalizing on the work of the Iraqi teams from Baghdad and Kurdistan regions during and after the workshop held in Doha in December 2010, this workshop is particularly important for the collective development of a comprehensive version of the new Iraqi Curriculum Framework, as well as for agreeing on the terms of reference for the upcoming feasibility study on the establishment of the Iraqi National Curriculum Centre (INCC). The workshop is the third meeting of Iraqi specialists within the framework of the project “Developing New Iraqi Curricula”, which was officially launched in October 2010 after an in-depth discussion with regard to the project scope, expected outcomes, and implementation plan for the period 2010-2013. At the first training workshop that took place in Doha in December 2010, the participants reached a shared understanding with regard to the directions and priorities for improving the Iraqi curriculum. They also focused on the role of the Curriculum Framework in setting the grounds for comprehensive curriculum revision and for orientating education stakeholders with regard to the content, processes and expected outcomes of implementing revised primary and secondary curricula in Iraq. For more information: 

Detailed implementation plan of the project “Developing new Iraqi Curricula” (2010-2013)