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Supporting Curriculum Reform in Bhutan



Paro, Bhutan, 7-18 December 2009 How can the IBE’s Training Tools for Curriculum Development be useful to support countries’ curriculum reforms? These training tools will be put to the test in Bhutan. Bhutan is currently undertaking an education reform in close consultation with all stakeholders. The aim of the reform is to promote excellence in education through quality student learning and achievement for all. One of the principal goals consists in improving the quality and relevance of school curriculum –that should cater for the diverse needs of all students, as well as respond  to necessities and aspirations of the nation. On one hand, the reform aims to raise and benchmark academic standards to the world’s leading systems; on the other, it will focus on expanding learning opportunities by diversifying school curriculum. In order to drive such reforms, the country considers it important to inform curriculum leaders on the process of curriculum development, including relevant concepts, models, paradigm shifts, standards, etc. Responding to Bhutan’s request, the IBE will contribute to implementing a 10-day capacity development workshop, using its Training Tools for Curriculum Development. 50 education professionals from the country will participate in the activity, including curriculum specialists, teacher trainers and teachers. The workshop is hosted by the Royal Education Council of the Kingdom of Bhutan. For more information: