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Quality Inclusive Education in Colombia initiative

School children in Colombia


Inclusive education in Colombia is generally understood as giving special attention to those vulnerable to social exclusion, such as populations displaced by violence, indigenous people, working children, children with disabilities and people from rural areas. In light of this, the Colombian government is addressing educational practices that are exclusionary in relation to economic, cultural and ethnic differences of the population, using inclusion as a mechanism to avoid any kind of discrimination. In its Education Sector Plan 2010-2014 (“Plan Sectorial de Educación 2010-2014”), the government aims to advance the achievement of inclusive quality education, in collaboration with the private sector as well as civil society. To implement the project “Quality Inclusive Education in Colombia” (“Educación Inclusiva de Calidad en Colombia”), the IBE is providing expertise to support the strengthening of the national policy on quality inclusive education, with the Ministry of National Education of Colombia (MEN), the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Saldarriaga Concha foundation and the Empresarios por la Educación (EXE) foundation. The first stage of this project includes a national workshop on inclusive education entitled “Workshop for the Participatory Construction of Inclusive Education Policy in Colombia” (“Taller para la Construcción Participativa de la Política de Educación Inclusiva en Colombia”), held in Bogotá in early May 2012. Regional, national and international participants will analyze the current policy framework on inclusive education and propose to the Colombian Minister of Education a series of recommendations for its revision. Aligned with the IBE’s strategy 2008-2013, this project implies two inter-related components:

  1. revision and adjustment of the national policy framework on inclusive education through evidence-based policy dialogue, engaging diverse stakeholders and
  2. implementation of regional capacity-development programs to refine institutional and curricular capacities to implement inclusive education practices at the school level. 

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