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The IBE speaks about inclusion and curriculum reforms in a series of events in Central America

As a Global Centre of excellence in curriculum, learning and related matters, the International Bureau of Education (IBE) has been invited to share its view on inclusive education and curriculum reforms in a series of events held in the past week in Central America.
The centrality of the role of the IBE in setting principles for inclusive education and curriculum reforms within the 2030 Education Agenda, has been acknowledged by its participation in a series of national and international events occurring in Mexico and in Costa Rica during the past week. 
In Mexico, the IBE animated two different events on inclusive education: a capacity-development workshop engaging  practitioners currently enrolled in the Master in Inclusive Education run by the Teacher Education Institute "Humberto Ramos Lozano” to discuss about the potential use of the IBE resource pack “Reaching out to all learners: a resource pack for supporting inclusive education”; and an international conference on inclusive education where the IBE spoke about inclusion and equity in education within the 2030 Education Agenda to more than 1000 teachers from all over Mexico.
Particularly, the capacity-development workshop has been of a great importance for the validation of the IBE resource pack “Reaching out to all learners: a resource pack for supporting inclusive education”, especially, in light of the publication of the new UNESCO’s Policy Guidelines on Inclusion and Equity in Education, which are partially based on this IBE tool for Curriculum Development. Among the positive comments on the utility of this tool, practitioners mentioned that the resource pack clearly guides teachers in their practices; it empowers teachers and help them become educational leaders; and it can be used to further strengthen issues of inclusive education in the curricula as well as to support in-service training of teachers.
In Costa Rica, the IBE took part to a four-day workshop on curriculum reforms and development process for educators and key stakeholders in education organized by the Universidad Hispanoamericana. The workshop revolved around mapping curriculum trends and issues from an international comparative perspective; main features of a quality curriculum; role of curriculum frameworks in developing a quality curriculum; and mainstreaming core competencies and competencies-based approaches in educational and curriculum reforms. Also the IBE delivered a keynote speech on positioning curriculum and learning within the 2030 Education Agenda in a public conference addressed to educators at large.
The participation of the IBE during all these events has contributed to the understanding of curriculum as a key driver to quality learning opportunities and outcomes grounded on the principles of inclusion and equity in education.