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Future Competences and the Future of Curriculum: A Global Reference for Curriculum Transformation



Paper 1 argues for a paradigm shift in curriculum conceptualization and positioning along eight dimensions. This paper seeks to operationalize the first of the eight dimensions: the need to recognize curriculum as the first operational tool for ensuring the sustained development-relevance of education and learning systems, which compels the repositioning of curriculum at the center of national and global development dialogue and agendas.

The paper argues that, to support development, curricula must enable learners (young and old) to acquire a range of competences to help them to navigate the opportunities and challenges of fast changing, disruptive 21st-century contexts in which the 4th Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is a formidable accelerant of change and complexity.  This has significant implications for curricula.

The paper offers a global normative guide to support the development of competence-based curricula to help prepare learners (young and old) for Industry 4.0 and the attainment of the Education 2030 Agenda.  It defines competence, outlines markers of competence-based curricula, and presents a framework of competences to serve as a global reference point for future curriculum transformation, including proposing an institutional mechanism for keeping competences current.