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Five steps to support education during COVID-19: UNESCO-IIEP



The response to a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic should be fast, coordinated, and cross-sectoral. UNESCO IIEP offers five guidance booklets to help governments, school management, teachers, learners, and families to address some of the challenges involved in managing education in crisis situations, such as COVID-19.  Even if countries already have a contingency plan, the following steps and detailed accompanying guidance may prove helpful.
Booklet 1: Coordinate, plan, and communicate
1. Activate emergency planning groups and coordinate across sectors
2. Assess requirements for maintaining operational capacities at all levels 
3. Communicate clearly and continuously with teachers, parents, students, communities, and cities
Booklet 2: Maintain operational capacities during school closures
1. Ensure the continuity of education through open and distance learning
2. Identify alternatives to holding national exams 
3. Ensure the continuity and proper functioning of the teacher salary system 
Booklet 3: Provide continuous support to teachers, learners, and their families
1. Support, and collaborate with, education stakeholders
2. Develop partnerships with NGOs, CSOs, and private actors to support vulnerable students 
3. Ensure medical and psychosocial support to school communities
Booklet 4: Provide hygiene and health education
1. Coordinate responses with other stakeholders
2. Review available health and hygiene learning materials 
3. Deliver health education programmes 
4. Prepare strategies to deal with abuse and violence during confinement
Booklet 5: Plan for school reopening
1. Plan for the reopening of schools
2. Communicate, consult, and coordinate
3. Review and assess the learning needs of students