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Evaluation of the pilot distance-training programme for teachers of HIV and AIDS prevention in the CEMAC zone

Douala, Cameroon, 2-5 April 2013
In order to facilitate the inclusion of HIV and AIDS education in primary and secondary curricula, the teams of 6 CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, The Central African Republic, and Chad) have, firstly, developed teaching materials based on curricula, pedagogical teacher guides and student manuals. Secondly, HIV/AIDS self-training materials for primary and secondary school teachers in normal schools have been developed. These two tools are intended to reinforce the harmonizing capacity of the six countries in the region: courseware composed of scanned modules presented as a series of DVDs for schools with electricity and educational radio programmes for schools without electricity, often situated in remote areas. The main objective of this meeting is to return the results of the evaluation of the content of the teaching materials (curricula, teaching guides for teachers and student manuals) and self-training materials (courseware + radio programs), conducted by the IBE; as well as to plan future activities. It will include:

  • Equipping participants with skills to report the results of the evaluation and to be involved as resource persons to make the necessary adjustments for the necessary hardware. 
  • Completing the planning and measurement tools for the programme evaluation in the field that will be used to determine the impact on teachers and students.
  • Reinforcing the capacities of the parties involved in the evaluation of a training programme

This workshop is organized within the framework of a pilot distance-training programme for primary, secondary, and normal school teachers, financed by the Japanese government, UNAIDS and the OFID, and  made possible by the support of UNESCO in the 6 CEMAC countries.