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European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education and UNESCO-IBE join on the "Teacher Education for Inclusion" project



Dublin, Ireland, 1-3 October 2009 Practical information on improving equity in education and training for learners with Special Educational Needs is in high demand in the EU. The topic of Teacher Education for Inclusion was highlighted as a top priority for examination in a survey of all European Agency country representatives. For this purpose, the collaboration between UNESCO-IBE and the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education through the “Teacher Education for Inclusion” project seeks to focus on the training of teachers. Specifically, how they are prepared to work in inclusive settings by prioritizing the initial training phase. That is, firstly to look at what is already developing in some countries and secondly to identify project activities and outputs that are likely to have maximum impact in and for countries as well as upon international debates. The project, beginning 2009, should last three years and will aim to provide information on best policies and practices in supporting all teachers to be inclusive by creating:

  1. recommendations for policy makers;
  2. recommendations for teacher training institutions;
  3. examples of best/innovative practice;
  4. quality indicators for teacher education for inclusion.

The IBE, alongside other international organizations, will join as a participant observer in this project. For more information: