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Effective implementation of active learning pedagogy for the development of psychosocial skills in HIV and AIDS education

Douala, Cameroon, 4-8 November 2013

In April 2013, the IBE conducted an evaluation of professional development and teaching materials used in HIV and AIDS education in the 6 CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and The Central African Republic). This evaluation shed light on the need to train and equip teachers in using active learning techniques to develop students’ psychosocial skills within the priority themes of HIV and AIDS education.

A capacity-development workshop was held (26-28 August 2013, Yaoundé) with the ministerial teams of Cameroon, Chad and Congo to provide an introduction on active learning pedagogy and decide on how to proceed given the prior identified need. The participating members agreed that the training of teacher trainers and the provision of technical expertise in the development of practical teaching tools would be necessary for the effective implementation of active learning pedagogy in HIV and AIDS education.

In order to respond to this demand, the IBE is coordinating with the Yaoundé UNESCO regional office to deliver a workshop on the training and the development of practical tools from 4 to 8 November in Douala. The collaborative work between the countries’ ministerial teams, teacher trainers and teachers will result in a practical guide on active learning pedagogy for the development of competencies in HIV and AIDS education. The objective is to offer teacher trainers and teachers a practical tool to:

  • Train instructors and teachers in active pedagogy;
  • help instructors and teachers develop the competencies needed to implement active learning pedagogy, particularly in HIV and AIDS education; and
  • provide a set of lesson plans to use in classrooms for developing students’ skills and knowledge around the priority themes, as a model for developing other lesson plans and as a resource for teacher training.