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DVD on HIV & AIDS pedagogical best practices in Guyana



IBE is currently producing a documentary film on DVD, collecting video examples of good practices showing how to address HIV & AIDS education and how to work with interactive and participative dynamics in classrooms. Its main objective is to provide an easy access to concrete examples of pedagogical approaches in terms of HIV & AIDS and related issues.
Results of the assessment of HIV & AIDS education in Guyana, carried out by the IBE in 2009, show that many teachers have access to academic and theoretical documents or resources for HIV & AIDS education but still need practical examples. Teachers are generally motivated but think it is difficult to understand what it means to teach HIV & AIDS education with interactive methods concretely.
The DVD is intended mainly for teachers, teacher trainers, future teachers and program developers. Therefore, interviews of teachers immediately after their lessons will be added in this version, in order to get their impressions and feelings regarding talking about HIV & AIDS and related issues. Head teachers, school directors, local leaders, parents and experts from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education in Guyana and IBE will also comment the lessons and underline strong points of the course, as well as aspects to be improved.
Like the first DVD, recorded in Cameroun in 2009, it will be composed of several modules, of approximately 15 minutes each, showing different teaching situation on several HIV & AIDS related themes. It will be distributed in schools or in training institutes, from the Caribbean region mainly, and will be available for orders on the IBE HIV & AIDS programme's page. Additional information: