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Development of psychosocial skills through HIV and AIDS education in CEMAC countries

Between December 1012 and April 2013, the IBE conducted an evaluation of the distance training program using ICT for primary and secondary school teachers as well as teacher’s training colleges. The evaluation was funded by the government of Japan, UNAIDS and OFID and developed with the support of UNESCO in six CEMAC countries. The assessment included a study of the teaching materials content (curriculum, teacher guides and student handbooks) and training materials (education software and educative radio broadcasts) used in the sexual education and HIV and AIDS education program.
Recommendations were issued after an analysis of the evaluation. While most of the recommendations referred to potential adjustments in curricular material (improvement of specific contents), one of the main recommendations involved a key issue in contemporary education systems: skills development. The issue was raised unanimously among the countries. The main request was to make practical tools available to help teachers effectively implement “active” methods in skills development.

In order to address this issue, the IBE co-organised, with the Yaoundé Regional Bureau of UNESCO (Cameroon), a technical workshop that brought together curriculum developers and authorities from basic education and teacher education from Cameroon, Chad and Congo. The workshop was held from 26th to 28th of August 2012 in Yaoundé and was aimed at:

  • Reflecting on and strengthening the capacities of stakeholders in skills development within the curriculum.
  • Developing teachers’ pedagogical skills for the effective implementation of HIV and AIDS education.
  • Planning the development of practical tools for teachers emphasizing psychosocial skill development in HIV and AIDS education in collaboration with the competent teams from the Ministries of Education of the three countries.

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