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Capacity development workshop on inclusive education and curricula

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Rabat, Morocco, 29 April 2010 As part of the follow-up of the 48th International Conference on Education (ICE, November, 2008), a national activity focusing on inclusive education will be taking place in Rabat on 29 April 2010.  This workshop aims to facilitate exchanges and discussions on issues, challenges and priorities to move the inclusive education agenda in Morocco forward. The main objectives are to: share and discuss a broadened vision of inclusive education within the EFA framework and in the light of the conclusions and recommendations of the 48th session of the ICE; identify and discuss key criteria to develop an inclusive curriculum as a way of addressing the needs of all learners; discuss main issues, challenges and priorities for promoting inclusive education in Morocco (policies, programs and curricula). The workshop is co-organized by UNESCO-IBE, the UNESCO-San Sebastian Centre and the Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO. For more information: