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Capacity development and planning workshop on mainstreaming cross-cutting issues in the curriculum



Luanda, Angola, 18-19 May 2010
Recently, an IBE team providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Education conducted a two-day workshop with relevant Angolan education partners and stakeholders. This activity has been carried out in the framework of the Capacity Development for Education for All (CapEFA) Programme ‘Mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues in the curriculum of schools and teacher training institutions in Angola”, coordinated by the UNESCO Office in Windhoek (Namibia). The workshop explored the main needs and priorities within the Angolan education system to better design a meaningful work plan for 2010-2011. The participants concluded that within this plan, emphasis will be placed on a comprehensive approach of the cross-cutting themes in primary and secondary education by recognizing their interconnectedness, while also devoting attention to specific dimensions such as gender equality and intercultural understanding.
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