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The UNESCO General Education Quality Analysis/Diagnosis Framework (GEQAF) was developed by the UNESCO Secretariat in close cooperation and consultation with Ministries of education, UNESCO Delegations and National Commissions of the People’s Republic of China, Finland, Norway, the Republic of South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of South Africa and the United Arab Emirates provided substantial financial support toward the organization and hosting of three joint review meetings during the course of 2011 where various drafts of GEQAF were thoroughly reviewed and quality assured. Representatives of Nigeria and Gabon also joined the last review meeting of GEQAF. A number of external experts also served as reference committee members and peer-reviewers also variously contributed to the development of GEQAF.

These include Luis Crouch of the Global Partnership for Education, Koji Miyamoto from the OECD, Kai-ming Cheng of the University of Hong Kong, David Istance of the OECD, Zhou Nanzhao of Beijing Normal University, and Daniel Wagner of the University of Pennsylvania.

The work on GEQAF has been led by Ms. Mmantsetsa Marope, Director, Division for Basic to Higher Education and Learning. The Team Leaders for the development of the different Analytical Tools which make the GEQAF are: Edem Adubra, Moritz Bilagher, Min Bista, Dakmara Georgescu, Tekaligne Godana, Yoshie Kaga, Faryal Khan, Mmantsetsa Marope, Florence Migeon, Ushio Miura, Renato Opertti and Jin Yang. Other Team members and contributors, all UNESCO Secretariat and UNESCO Institutes staff unless specified, include: Patience Awopegba, Carolina Belalcazar, Gabrielle Bonnet (UNRWA), Ali Bubshait, Carolina Cano, Bernard Combes, Laurent Cortese (Global Partnership for Education), Keith Holmes, Mariana Kitsiona, Sara Lang (Uppsala University), Brian Male, Werner Mauch, Mariana Patru, Clinton Robinson, Mioko Saito, Florence Ssereo, Philip Stabback, Nyi Nyi Thaung, Nhien Truong, Jacques Van der Gaag (Brookings Institute), and Mari Yasunaga.

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